Being wise, Being a Fool and Being in the Enneagram..

For most of us, being Wise is easier after the event. We tend to learn more from the things that go wrong than the smooth running of day-to-day interactions with friends, colleagues or loved ones.

Often, the actions and attitudes we prescribe as unwise or foolish are as a result of unpalatable or harmful consequences. But that would be ignoring the fact that not all events are in our control. In fact we may discover real wisdom from such an insight. There is wisdom from realising that our perceptions of events are probably the only aspect of life that is in our control!

As with the Law of Accident there are behaviours that are foolish, but do not necessarily lead to a disaster. Driving a car under the excessive influence of alcohol doesn’t always lead to an accident. Swimming in a bay of Sharks may not result in your leg becoming lunch for the watery inhabitants. Wisdom is not luck!

There are a variety of “Wisdoms” that when taken to extreme or out of context, can become foolish. Self expression becomes self aggrandisement when it is expressed with the inappropriate consideration for others. Bettering ourselves is not the same as being better than others. Self-effacement and a willingness to serve something greater than ourselves becomes self-denial if we fail to consider our own pain or needs. Minimising our needs may be helpful to conserve energy and protect ourselves and the planet, but it can lead to extreme loneliness, alienation and abuse when we ignore our personal value to the community we serve.

Wisdom is not one thing and is only relevant in the present moment it is sought. The Enneagram is a tool for enlightenment and personal transformation. It can be used wisely or foolishly. It is most wise in the hands of wisdom. When we let the Enneagram teach us, we may discover wisdom.