Words That Change Minds: LAB Profile Practitioner

Words That Change Minds is about matching your communication to another person’s preferred way of receiving information, that will

    ● Influence behaviour
    ● Seeking the job you want
    ● Finding the employer you want
    ● Closing sales without buyer’s remorse
    ● Maintaining good customer relations
    ● Making important decisions
    ● Avoiding conflict and resolving misunderstandings
    ● And much more…….

The skill is Language And Behaviour (LAB) Profile

LAB Profile develops a practical Presence to Listening, Reflecting and Communicating Differently.

Learning LAB Profile can be an in-house organisational training programme or from individually attending our open courses.

LAB Profile is an advanced communication skill that arises from attuned listening and objective observation. When we want to influence somebody else we must first know the kind of language that works for them, which words will hit the mark and how they will take notice of our message.
In our “Words That Change Minds” LAB Profile course you will learn how to pick up key language patterns for how people will be more open to your communication in a particular context. Furthermore, it is information that will help you predict their behaviour in the same context

About LAB Profile

LAB Profile is a development of NLP Meta Programs, first described by Leslie Cameron-Bandler in the 1970’s and refined early 1980’s for the business setting by Roger Bailey. Meta Programs are the ways in which we filter our experience. At its roots is Noam Chomsky’s PhD 1957 dissertation on Transformational Grammar which has become a specialisation in the field of linguistics. During persons experience, he or she gathers volumes of information somewhere in their body. When that information is related to others they only pass on 1% or 2% of the experience. Transformational Grammar is the study of how linguistically these experiences are reduced to a “map” of the experience. When we communicate with each other, certain words indicate the nature of this map. It reveals some of the ways in which we think in a certain context and how we make sense of certain experiences in that context.

LAB profile allows you to become more aware of these insights and how you can match the style in your response and other forms of communication. These indicators form a language pattern that can be predictors of certain behaviours in a given context.
By utilising the other person’s language patterns, your message will have greater influence and will be more compelling.

LAB Profile can become a major part of your career development or business. Participating in this workshop will furnish participants with a valuable foundation for attending the ten day Consultant and Trainer certification programme, run by Shelle Rose Charvet, author of the book Words That Changes Minds. As well as providing the opportunity to be an accredited LAB Profile Practitioner, you will learn some unique insights to how LAB Profile can be used in coaching others and as part of your Self-Observation Work.

Words That Change Minds is the LAB Profile training course to attend when you wish to improve your ability to understand people real motivations for doing what do.

It provides you with amazing insights for using language patterns that will ensure the message you wish to convey, is received and understood by other people.


1. Candidate can correctly ask the LAB Profile questions using a LAB Profile Worksheet. (2 examples required)

2. Candidate can correctly identify the patterns from LAB Profile interviews, from a minimum of 6 live or videoed interviews. Candidates need to identify the main pattern1 in the following critical categories: Criteria, Direction, Source, Reason, Decision Factors, Attention Direction, Style, Organization, Rule Structure, Convincer Channel and Mode

3. Candidate can give clear feedback on the LAB Profile Patterns, so that the respondent understands what was measured, at minimum using one line descriptions as in the LAB Profile Learning Manual. (2 examples required*)* The two day training will include Two Examples required to be undertaken in the presence of qualified trainers.

In the event of someone not meeting the criteria during the course, we will support certification by asking the delegates to complete a further two to four profiles following the course, and once that is reported in writing to us, we will arrange follow up one or two coaching session(s) to help the candidate fulfil practitioner certification.

Successful Candidates will receive a certificate signed by the Trainers and Shelle Rose Charvet, author of “Words That Change Minds” and director of Success Strategies Canada.

Participants will elicit a number of LAB Profiles from live interviews and video material and learn how to give effective feedback.

Following evaluation by our certified LAB Profile consultants and trainers, participants will receive a Success Strategies LAB Profile Practitioner certificate counter-signed by Shelle Rose Charvet.

By attending all of this course you will learn how to:

    ● Correctly ask the twelve LAB Profile questions using a LAB Profile Worksheet.
    ● Accurately identify the patterns from LAB Profile interviews
    ● Give clear feedback on the LAB Profile Patterns, so the respondent understands what was measured.