Giving Voice

Public Speaking: Present Your Best Self


How you communicate does make a difference.


It involves the whole of you: a physicality, an emotional content, a mental focus. Mind, body, voice all tell a story and to come across as you really want to, the story needs to be congruent and compelling.

Rosemarie is available for one-to-one consultations for a variety of vocal, speech and presenting techniques.

The aim is to learn in a fun and practical manner, exploring physicality, gestures, speech, voice, words and language in improvisation, reading and presentations.

  • Develop awareness, understanding and embodiment of the skills required

  • Experience a variety of exercises and techniques to suit your styled

  • Discover how to add vocal variety for impact and meaning  

  • Practise in a safe and encouraging environment

  • Build self awareness and confidence 

The exact content is guided by you and your needs

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finding ways to speak and sing with freedom and confidence.

MINDFULNESS in Giving Voice

You may also want to think about your singing voice as a way to further develop your communication skills.

This will include gentle movements to free up the chest and ribs, the neck, jaw and tongue.
There is an invitation for you to use your voice to speak or to read, or to sing …as you wish.

Singing for the joy of it..

Singing has been shown by research to have many benefits for health and well-being, so don’t miss out. Or maybe someone has told you, you can’t sing… why not just have a go and find your voice.

If we are aware of the messages we give ourselves, we can also discover how we sabotage our own development.

Recognise your personal style and be true to yourself and in this way, you can build confidence, relieve stress whilst enhancing your skills and talents.

Connecting with ourselves, we can more openly connect with others

Individual lessons can be organised or are available using Skype.