Personal Coaching

Stability, Growth, Change and Transformation

Personal Coaching that can be Face-to-Face, Via Skype or Telephone

How many times have you heard people express the desire to Change, and yet become uneasy around the idea of Transformation?

What is that we wish to change, or be Transformed?

A change in circumstances around work, relationships or family life can lead to feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. Others may feel ’stuck’ unless something new is always on the horizon.

A fear may arise that who we take ourselves to be may be lost, and others may not know us, or even like us.

In Relationships, there is a natural desire for our partner to still be the person we fell in love with. Often, being a better person may not fit with the expectations of others, and lead to distance and even separation. Is it no wonder that many people fall short of engaging in Inner Work or real personal development.

What if such dissonance and fear could free us from our habitual constraints, and offer a real Presence of our true Nature – our Essence self.

What if our fears are false and who we truly are, is the person others value most and that inner YOU is what is revealed from any Change, Growth or Transformation?

Grahame offers coaching and consultations that support your personal Growth, deepening of budding relationships, negotiating relational dissonances or establishing mature respect for yourself and others.

Grahame’s coaching and consultations offer a sense of digestion and resolution to stressful or difficult experiences. The obstacles to greater freedom, success and well being can be one of dexterity and habit, either of mind, movement or emotional expression.

Both Grahame and Rosemarie have skills and methods that address all three modalities of Being. Our approach ensures all the positive aspects of a current situation are preserved and that any new options for change will meet with the considerations of other people your actions will impact on. it is Form and Process orientated – allowing Content Free exploration of your personal Insights. We are professionally trained & accredited – adhering to prescribed ethical and professional codes-of-practice.

We draw on many disciplines and insights of NLP, the Enneagram and Feldenkrais and various esoteric approaches to human nature.

Generally speaking, people have all the resources they need, or the potential for them in order to deal with life. And yet there may be occasions when we are unable to muster them in-to reality: we may still find ourselves feeling stuck in some way. This can happen even when we get what we think we need, express certain feelings or act-out what we considered.
Having someone to listen in a way that is both active and compassionate is one of the necessary skills for any coach or personal mentor. Another is to have insight into questions and resources that may be out of the client’s normal awareness. These are the Coaching skills Grahame brings to a session

As a Riso-Hudson certified Enneagram teacher and Master practitioner and certified INLPTA trainer of NLP Grahame Morgan-Watson has developed a unique approach for coaching people to get un-stuck, avoid problems and achieve greater purpose and meaning in their lives.

Grahame & Rosemarie help people come quickly and precisely to a profound understanding of their problems, the potential solutions and a clear way forward.

Consultations can be on a variety of topics such as personal development, career, and relationships. Grahame can also review the results of the scientifically validated Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI, Version 2.5) to help clients confirm and clarify their type. In brief, Grahame can help you use the Enneagram–and related tools–more effectively in whatever areas of your life you may have personal concerns or questions.