Inspiring Change

This was the theme for the International Womens’ Day on 7th March 2014 and set me thinking about change.

Of course on the International stage there are important issues being addressed and leaders of vision are required to motivate. In my own life, I recognise that I have often professed to desire personal change but deep down, fears and insecurities have held me back. Wanting to keep in control of change and to steer it within certain limits, have led to a stalemate, bringing me back full circle to my starting point.

But the word inspiring to me involves making peace with change. Seeing it as a natural course, a breathing in, of all that is, and going with the flow.  And this is where mindfulness has helped me to begin to see my resistances and to identify past experiences which influence my ability to change.Change also requires making friends with failure, remaining open, prepared to alter course and to keep moving.