Sounding Out

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard an interview about an orchestral event where they were adding animations for people to view during the concert.

Am I missing the point here? 

We know that we are a visually orientated society, and technology is reinforcing this.  Do we really need to go to a concert and be presented with pictures to follow as well?

I love live concerts…and always find plenty to see, but it is the experience of the sound, provoking my imagination and taking me to unknown territory, which is important to me..An emotional, visceral journey where I sense and respond to the vibrations of sound.

This is primitve, the first sense I develop in the womb and the last I retain before death. I want to stay connected to it whilst I live. Our world is full of junk noise so it is wonderful that in a concert we have an opportunity to really listen and be enveloped by glorious sound. And in the company of others, it is a different experience.We are silent, together,  listening, impacted by the whole atmosphere, and at the same time in our individual world.

I guess experimentation is important but I fear we are being carried along in this multi-media frenzy. I am distracted too easily. Once the animation is introduced, the sound becomes the backtrack, not the main event.  I can watch a film for that. So please, please let’s retain some events for our glorious hearing to be centre stage . Maybe I’ll have to take a blindfold to the next concert I go to, just in case!