New Beginnings

Having moved again this year, I am planning new classes in a new area. This always provides an opportunity to review, update and bring a fresh approach.  but the work in both Feldenkrais and Mindfulness is always inviting us to bring beginners’ mind to our lives.

Somehow it is easier to bring  wonder and enthusiasm to a task which is out of the everyday.  I am at present assisting on a MBRS course and doing the homework set for the participants.   It is a good reminder of how useful it is to pay attention to the mundane. It highlights for me, how much of my life flashes pass without my awareness.

There are a number of tasks that I am also very good at putting off.

Writing posts is one of them.  It is an example of a familiar pattern.  I may begin to compose but as soon as my critical hat goes on ” it’s not good enough”, “who’d want to read this”, I make an excuse, abandon it or I leave it in draft, kidding myself that I’ll return to it the next day.  Strangely enough that day never comes. So here is a part of my life which is full of beginnings going nowhere.

In the MBSR group we were talking about setting intentions. Sometimes it is helpful to simply agree with yourself to do exactly that which you are avoiding, or procrastinating about.

Make an intention as specific as you can and do it.  In other words, put it in the diary, allocate a daily slot and for a limited duration, 1-2 weeks simply put it into action.  You may also wish to keep a few notes each day of how you have reacted and reflect on your physical sensations, emotions and thoughts. At the end of this period you then have an opportunity to review whether to proceed or not.  Time is precious.  If you are unable to do this, then maybe your efforts have to be channelled elsewhere.

I’ll let you know how I get on as I follow my own suggestions!

If New Beginnings can be a continual process, what do you need to do to keep your life alive, dynamic and a joy?